Welcome to MaNgo

MaNgo, with the help of those in the Metaverse, is going to be a window of hope for people of the universe. The project will be released from beta in the Winter of 2023 and will achieve its goals.

Who is Mango?

Mango is a shy animal of the Shiba Inu breed. He has taken refuge in us because he and his friends are being harassed by the residents of the neighborhood. Mango spends many days behind the window. He has heard that this window is like a gate into the promising Metaverse. So, he decided to help his friends and people through this window. The most modern nonprofit organization in the world is called MaNgo because of its heroic purpose and smarter thinking.

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MaNgo’s main source of income will be NFT paintings. For this purpose, works of lesser-known artists will be used. MaNgo Gallery is now available for open on the OpenSea website.

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Music Albums

Another project of MaNgo is the release of music albums for charity. Album 69 will be the first one. Details will be announced later.

Coming Soon!


MaNgo is designing games that Metaverse members can use their services and also participate in humanitarian works. The game project will be presented in the original version.

Coming Soon!

“The Sandbox assets in NFT”

– This is the 4th project of MaNgo!

Other companies

Atari, Binance, Snoop Dogg, and CoinMarketCap will also be on The Sandbox Metaverse. They have invested in its decentralized lands. Snoop Dogg is going to have a big concert there!

Meet the team

They are 3 brothers…

CEO and Founder

Alireza Mansourian

Co Founder and Marketing

Dr.Bahador Mansourian

Co Founder

Mohammadreza Mansourian

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